The world of professional sports is filled up with formidable teams who train hard with one purpose in mind; to win the next championship game and give their fans something to cheer about. Somewhere during their determination to be the best and dominate their regions rankings; an opponent comes along who is skilled on an equal level. An opponent who gives them a run for their money and winning against them no matter what becomes the only aim. The game doesn’t stay a game and turns into a war where the winner gets bragging rights. That is the birth point of a rivalry.

Several long standing rivalries can be found in the professional sports world. Some would say the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry is the biggest in the Major League Baseball, but there is another rivalry which is famous and chaotic on an equal level. The Philadelphia Phillies – New York Mets rivalry.

Phillies and Mets have been battling each other for over half a century now. For Phillies fans, games against powerhouse rivals Mets are nothing short of World War II which requires their support to be won. Diehard Phillies fans like me purchase Cheap Philadelphia Phillies Tickets days in advance from TicketVistas to ensure a presence at the Citizens Bank Ballpark to cheer our favorite team to victory against the Mets.

The two National League’s East Division rivals frequently play against each other during baseball season and games between these two popular teams are eagerly awaited. The first brawl between the Phillies and the Mets took place on August 27th 1962, and since then the arch rivals have encountered each other on the diamond a staggering 858 times with the Phillies leading with 463 wins. Ironically both rivals share an equal number of winning streak against each other which is 10 wins each.

The Phillies – Mets rivalry has intensified in the recent years especially after the 2006 season. The teams frequently tear up the ballpark while playing against each other for a spot on the playoffs. The Mets won the division in 2006, while the Phillies won five consecutive division titles from 2007–11. The Phillies 2007 championship was won on the last day of the season as the Mets lost a seven-game lead with seventeen games remaining. The Phillies broke the Curse of Billy Penn to win the 2008 World Series, while the Mets' last title came in the 1986 World Series.

I can’t wait for the Philadelphia Phillies 2013 Season to begin. I’m pretty sure the Titans will clash again and I’ll be standing with the Phillies through thick and thin.

Go Phillies!


If you’re a longtime fan of Broadway musicals and not sensitive about religious matters or profanity laced content then I highly recommend that you watch a presentation of the hilarious Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. If you can handle the overuse of the F and C word then you’ll literally be ROFL’ING midway. If you can’t then stop reading and go back to watching the family friendly Lion King, coz this masterpiece ain’t for the faint of heart or minors. The Book of Mormon is an adult affair through and through and I guarantee it is well worth your money.

The controversial creators of popular late night comedy show South Park are back to supremely wrong all those people who thought Broadway didn’t have a heaven and they silence these people in a big way by presenting The Book of Mormon, the blockbuster Broadway musical which was called “the big hit Broadway was desperately in need of” by several critics and fans. This one has all the right ingredients that make a Broadway show a massive hit and reminds ones of popular musicals ones grandparents used to discuss minus the controversial subject matter that is sure to piss a lot of people off, but then again what do you expect from Matt Stone and Trey Parker. It’s probably what they were aiming for.

Despite all the controversies attached to this particular musical, in true South Park fashion, The Book of Mormon has developed an enormous fan-base, thanks to its hilarious and often profane one liner’s, outrageous storyline and over-the-top choreography. Another indication of the show’s immense popularity is that The Book of Mormon Broadway Tickets were completely sold out in a matter of minutes on TicketVistas as soon as the popular website started offering them for a bargain.

The funny thing is that despite its sacrilegious storyline concerning Mormons, even the Church of Mormon has purchased ads in the play stating “You’ve seen the play … now read the book”. The musical takes shot after shot at the Mormon Church but carefully excludes practicing Mormons who, surprisingly, have been portrayed as kind-hearted, family oriented individuals, which is extremely abnormal for a show that is overloaded with profanity. Jesus dressed in a light costume along with Joseph Smith in a spray tan and blond wig and a silent Brigham Young constantly ridicule The Mormon church’s origin story and question the church’s official stance on homosexuality and acceptance of black people as its members.

The musical has won just about every major Outstanding Musical Award Broadway has to offer including a whopping 9 Tony Awards. The Book of Mormon Tickets continue to sell out rapidly and each presentation continues to play to a packed house.

Central to the storyline is a handsome and popular Mormon from Utah named Elder Kevin Price and his two-year long mission. In spite of his continuous praying to get transferred to his favorite city Orlando, Price, much to his dismay, is sent on a mission to Uganda with a socially challenged missionary by the name of Elder Arnold Cunningham.

The duo land in a town which is stricken with disease, poverty, violence and famine, and to make matters worse, is terrorized by ruthless warlord who derives pleasure from raping virgin girls. The Church of Mormon, after encountering failure from all previous attempts, sends Elder Price in hopes of achieving a single baptism.

The highlight of the musical is the adrenalin soaked choreography of Casey Nicholaw and tight laughter based direction of Trey Parker. The leading man Gavin Creel is brilliant in the role of Elder Price and his performance sets the tone of the show and contributes heavily to the overall feel of the musical. A presentation of this musical is highly recommended. It’ll be money well spent.


Big Names coming to WWE Raw’s 20th Anniversary Show

With Vince McMahon at its helm, the WWE’s popularity has grown tenfold. The famous CEO has pointed WWE in a new direction with innovative strategies, brilliant storylines and exciting bench-grabbing wrestling matches which give almost every other form of professional sports a run for their money. The company, over the course of its long and illustrious history, has a developed a phenomenal fan-base and what these fans crave more than anything is to watch their favorite wrestlers perform live and give them a high-flying, hard-hitting wrestling match they’ll remember for ages. WWE never seems to disappoint their diehard fans and continues to live up to their fans expectations by regularly featuring icons of pro-wrestling like The Undertaker, John Cena and The Rock on their programming.

WWE is home to several wrestling shows besides the iconic Wrestlemania! Among its long line up of established shows one brand stands apart and has experienced phenomenal success since it made its debut 2 decades ago on January 11th, 1993 and next weekend Raw will mark its 20th anniversary by broadcasting a RAW show tailor made for that special occasion.

20 years of exciting non-stop action is a huge achievement and we applaud the WWE for achieving this milestone. People who usually hate Monday’s as the first day of a long brutal work week, at the end of the day had something to look forward to and Monday Night Raw never disappointed its diehard fans.

Even though lately it seems like the WWE is celebrating a new milestone every six months, it doesn't mean that the company isn't pulling out all the stops for its latest celebratory episode.According to Wrestling Observer, with Raw’s 20th anniversary just weeks away the WWE is working on some bigreturns for the show.

If reports are to be believed fans can expect to see legends of RAW, which played a vital role in making the brand popular during the 90’s, will be making an appearance. Since the show will take place in Texas, one can expect appearances from Texas natives and icon wrestlers like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker and Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. According to rumors WWE will also induct a few wrestlers into the WWE Hall of Fame.

I’m particularly excited about watching my favorite wrestler HBK make an appearance. I’ve been a Shawn Michaels fan since he beat Bret “Hitman” Hart at a Wrestlemania event to claim the title of heavyweight champion. I’ve missed “The Showstopper” and will love to see him live once more.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, more commonly known as “The Texas Rattlesnake” always gets plenty of cheers from the fans every time he makes an appearance. As soon as the audience hears his trademark glass breaking intro they are quick to go up in a roar and welcome the “toughest SOB’ in WWE history.

Nuff’s been written about “The Dead Man”. He’s gearing up for another thrill ride to Wrestlemania so it would be extremely cool for him to make an appearance.

As soon as I heard of the 20th anniversary special WWE Raw show, I quickly logged onto popular website TicketVistas to look for a bargain. Fortunately for me Cheap WWE Tickets were still up for sale and I wasted no time in purchasing a few. If you’re a fan then you’d wanna watch this one live. I’m sure WWE is going to put on one heck of a show.

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